Photo Visi

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This is our highest quality visualisation service. From a technical standpoint, what we are adding here is accurate lighting. From a userʼs perspective, this just means that it looks real. Concrete is rough, plastic smooth and metals and marbles reflect the environment around them.

Depending on your needs, we can add in decorative objects, so that you can show the space as it would be in real life. Another popular option at this stage, is the addition of characters, which really allows you to set the mood inside the environment.

The "Photo Visi" model is a great tool for you to sell your designs, as they are instantly comprehensible to anyone, even without architectural training. Using the "Photo Visi" model when pitching, truly sets you apart from the crowd. Once the model is created, there are many additional ways it can be used, and the model itself adds significant value to your proposition.

As with all our real-time visualisation services, at any point you can invite project partners from all over the world, to join you in the virtual space, and then they are able to see what you are looking at, while you are in conversation with them remotely.