Contemporary Fish and Chip Restaurant
Here at VisiDeck we are very excited to introduce our new approach to architectural visualisation. We are a team of realtime specialists, and use our realtime 3d architectural visualisation technology to give you the same quality and benefits as traditional architectural visualisation, but with many new advantages too. We make all of our realtime visualisations available to you, behind our secure client login area, from within your web browser. It is up to you who you choose to share them with. Putting our collaboration technology at the heart of our architectural visualisation solution has been proven to:
  • Get designs reviewed and changes agreed faster
  • Require fewer revisions
  • Provide much better communication between stakeholders
  • Reduce design cost
We have services to meet the needs of a wide variety of participants in the construction industry. Our highlights include:
  • Massing Visi - Rapid, cost-effective, realtime 3d visualisation suitable for design iteration by architects and designers
  • Coloured Visi - Powerful shading options, to help communicate designs with clients
  • Photo Visi - Photorealistic realtime 3d architectural visualisation. Ideal for communicating with investors and the public
Please check our services page, to see the full list of what we can do for you. With realtime 3d architectural visualisation, you are in control of where you are looking and what you see. Please visit the platform page to see what innovative features you get for free, when you commission one of our visualisations. VisiDeck: for living, breathing virtual architecture, with infinite freedom to explore; truly “Seeing the Future Today”.


07/07/2010 - 10:49

VisiDeck have been personally invited to the Series Gaming Development Seminar at Derby University on 8th July 2010

01/03/2010 - 10:47

As part of the 'Manufacturing and Technology Showcase' we will be providing another preliminary viewing of our real-time 3D visualisation technology.